BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 Tubes d'échangeur J-Pipe | F8X M2C M3 M4 - BM

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BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 Tubes d'échangeur J-Pipe dans le groupe Adapté au modèle / BMW / F8X M2C M3 M4 chez do88 AB (TR-250-S)
BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 Tubes d'échangeur J-Pipe
BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 Tubes d'échangeur J-Pipe
BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 Tubes d'échangeur J-Pipe
BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 Tubes d'échangeur J-Pipe
BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 Tubes d'échangeur J-Pipe
BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 Tubes d'échangeur J-Pipe

BMW F8X M2C M3 M4 Tubes d'échangeur J-Pipe

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do88 performance intercooler to throttle body J-pipe designed for an easy drop-in-fitment in your BMW M2 / M3 / M4 F8X

The S55 twin-turbo engine that powers the BMW M2C / M3 / M4 F8X is equipped with plastic intercooler pipes on both the hot and cold side. These pipes are a week link on any tuned car or in some cases even on a stock tune. The OE plastic pipes often crack / split leaving you with a boost leak.

With our performance intercooler J-pipe, we like to offer a solution for the reliability issue and of course at the same time minimize the restrictions by improving the air flow!

To get an exact 3D-model of the available space to design our intercooler pipe in we did a detailed 3D-scan of our M3 Competition engine bay. With the help of this 3D-scan model we could design a new 3,5” (89mm) casting J-pipe with nice smooth routing. Most aftermarket J-pipes on the market is made of mandrel bent 3” pipes cut and welded in several pieces to achieve the J-shape. The OE J-pipe is 3,3” (85mm) so it is clear a 3” version is not ideal in terms of airflow, which also have confirmed in our Superflow flow bench.

Our final design is a super durable 3,5” (89mm) casting J-pipe which improves the airflow. It has a free form shape with same diameter all the way to the throttle body which is “impossible” to achieve with mandrel bent pipe. Our J-pipe has two methanol injection connection (1/8 -27 NPT) which is blanked off with plugs at delivery. A more durable silicone hose is also included together with matte black hose clamps for a clean stealthy look. A new C-clip is included to fasten the J-pipe to the throttle body instead of the flimsy OE plastic retaining clip.

Significant advantages with do88 performance intercooler J-pipe:
- Improved reliability!
- 6061 Aluminum instead of plastic
- Stainless steel throttle body C-clip
- Matt black silicone hose coupler included
- Up to X% better air flow!
- 2x 1/8-27 NPT connections that can be used for methanol/nitrous injection or as vacuum port fitting for pressure gauge. Blanking plugs are included!

Fits:BMW M2 Competition
Model years: 2019-2020
Model: F87

BMW M3 / M3 Competition
Model years: 2015-2018
Model: F80

BMW M4 / M4 Competition / M4 GTS / M4 CS
Model years: 2015-2020
Model: F82 F83



This diagram shows the charge air flow at different pressure drops of do88 pressure pipes compared to OEM pipes: